HearBuilder Auditory Memory Software Program Professional Edition

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Join Recall Agents Kim and Joey to save MemoryTown from Dr. Forgetsit while practicing important auditory memory, closure, and comprehension skills. HearBuilder Auditory Memory teaches key strategies for remembering numbers, words, sentences, and stories. This research-based software includes five essential listening activities: Memory for numbers (3–7 digits) Memory for words (3–5 words organized by syllable) Memory for details (1–4 details) Auditory Closure (Sentence Completion) Memory for WH Information (2–3 sentences/2–4 questions) Each of the multi-level tasks in HearBuilder Auditory Memory takes your students on a different mission to foil the wacky plans of Dr. Forgetsit. The humorous and captivating adventures will keep your students motivated as they develop and strengthen their abilities to recall verbal information.
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