How To Understand And Support Children With Dyspraxia

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Lois Addy provides an invaluable resource for teachers, teaching assistants and therapists working with children with dyspraxia Written in a clear and accessible style, it includes a wealth of ideas and practical strategies to help across the curriculum.

This book will:
• provide an understanding of the nature of dyspraxia
• outline the needs and difficulties of children with dyspraxia
• help you understand why children with dyspraxia have difficulties with coordination and perception
• offer ways to identify and recognise children with dyspraxia
• provide ideas for strategies and resources. Contains photocopiable resources and ideas and materials for in-service training.

Paperback. Contains 64 A4 pages. ISBN: 978-1-85503-381-8 Contents include: Introduction. Common questions about dyspraxia. The development of motor skills and perception. Assessment and identification. Support in the classroom. Final questions. Appendix.

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