How To Understand And Support Children With Hearing Difficulties

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Supporting pupils with hearing difficulties requires an understanding of the issues concerned and how children are affected by them.

This practical and accessible book will help you to:
• understand the causes and implications of the full range of hearing difficulties
• identify children with a hearing loss and liaise effectively with other professionals
• explore ideas and strategies to support children with hearing difficulties in the school environment
• become familiar with the amplification options available
• gain an insight into alternative communication options, including signing
• enable children with a hearing loss to succeed at your school.

Contains photocopiable resources and ideas and materials for in-service training. Paperback. Contains 64 A4 pages. ISBN: 978-1-85503-402-0 Contents include: Introduction. What are hearing difficulties? Identifying children with hearing loss. Meeting the needs of children with hearing loss. Using residual hearing and amplification. Strategies for developing literacy and numeracy. Communication options. Deaf awareness across the curriculum. Supporting roles. Glossary. Resources.

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