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  • Language Builder Software
  • Language Builder Software
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Based on the Top-Selling Language Builder Picture Cards, this innovative new software program transforms basic flash card activities to an interactive digital learning experience! The 550 Images are taken directly from the popular Language Builder Picture Nouns 1 & 2.

The Language Builder Picture Nouns Software works on Windows XP or higher and Mac OS 10.5 or higher. Use with standard mouse, touch-screen, or interactive white-boards. The Easy-to-use interface offers 6 different activities, and gives you the ability to select which words, word lists, or categories you want to practice. Activities Include: 

Receptive Labeling Sorting Similar Images
Matching Grouping by Category
Multiple Choice Voice Recorder Function

The software can also be used to print multiple-choice and matching worksheets using the pictures and words. User management controls are available to adjust settings for individual login accounts and to track multiple students’ work.

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