Preschool Vocabulary Cards: Actions

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  • Preschool Vocabulary Cards: Actions


Preschool Vocabulary Cards: Actions Ages: 3-6 Grades: PreK-1 Use these age-appropriate cards to expand your younger students' receptive and expressive vocabulary and help them make requests and construct sentences. Outcomes: Comprehend action words Use action words to make requests and share experiences Increase length of utterances Generate grammatical sentences The full-color illustrations reflect the experiences of preschoolers and the vocabulary reflects words they hear every day. The durable, large-size cards are perfect for little hands. The set includes 240 action words, giving you loads of stimuli to:
  • expand receptive and expressive vocabulary
  • build more complex phrases and sentences
  • teach question asking and answering
  • develop grammatical sentences
  • stimulate descriptive language
  • teach various verb tenses
Components 240 3½" x 5" coated cards
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