Preschool Vocabulary Cards: Concepts

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  • Preschool Vocabulary Cards: Concepts


Suitable for Grades Pre K-1 This card set consists of simple and engaging pictures to assist preschoolers in learning basic concepts. These cards assist in building receptive and expressive vocabulary, develop descriptive language and improve language comprehension. Concepts targeted include: • Attributes • Colours, shapes, and numbers • Emotions and feelings • Functional and social • Position • Quantitative • Size • Temporal Also available in ‘Nouns’ and ‘Actions’   The set includes 240 cards and gives you lots of flexible stimuli to:
  • expand receptive and expressive vocabulary
  • develop descriptive language
  • improve auditory comprehension
  • teach pronouns, verb tense, and plurals
  • increase length of utterances
  • develop question asking and answering
  • improve thinking and reasoning
Components 240 3½" x 5" coated cards
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