Spotlight on Reasoning & Problem Solving Facts and Opinions

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Students with language delays are concrete thinkers.  Help them separate facts from opinions and become better decision-makers. 

Build basic reasoning skills with step-by-step instruction and activities designed to build on success.  

Students learn to:

  • Identify facts and opinions
  • State reasons for opinions 
  • Support opinions 
  • Separate facts from opinions in the news and in advertisements 

The book is written in the proven format of the Spotlight Series with: 

  • Activities sequenced by complexity 
  • Visual cues that are gradually faded
  • Skills defined in student-friendly terms
  • A variety of curricular and daily living topics 
  • Simple sentence structure and vocabulary so students can focus on learning the concepts 
  • Minimal writing requirements in the beginning lessons
  • A pretest/posttest
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