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  • Adults Chart
  • Adults Chart

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If you are an adult, this was made for YOU!

Our Adult Chart was designed and created in collaboration with the Social Learning Studio Adult Social Skills Group.

Who can benefit: Adults with executive functioning difficulties, ADHD and Autism.

If you need help to organise your home, know what jobs need doing on what days, this is for you!

If you need help to remember what appointments you have on during the week, where you need to be, who you need to pick up or what you need to take, this is also for you!

Help bring calm to your chaos.

And if you’re worried this weekly chart may be too overwhelming and you need a simplified version of your day, checkout our Home Routine Chart, which can be simplified to break up your day into morning and night.



92 tiles include:
Money (3), Hat (2), Lunch Box (3), Bottle (1), Screen Free Time (2), Phone (1), Diary (1), Computer (3), Sunglasses (1), Blank (6), 2 people (1), 1 lady (1), 1 man (1), Family Time (2), ndis (1), Support Worker (1), Psychology (1), Quiet Time (1), Catch Up (1), Car (2), School/uni (3), Job (3), Outside School Care (1), Pay Bills (1), Pay Day (1), Swimming (1), Medication (1), Doctor (1), Hospital (1), Faith (1), Call (1), Bus (1), Sport (1), Bike (1), Walk (1), Exercise (2), Dentist (1), Haircut (1), Games (1), Garden (1), Birthday (1), Reward/Star (1), Breakfast (1), Lunch (1), Dinner (1), Keys (1), Shopping (1), Wash Hair (2), Shower (1), Brush Teeth (2), Cook (1), Wash Dishes (1), Empty Bins (1), Clothes Away (1), Make Bed (1), Tidy Up (2), Do Laundry (2), Sort Clothes (1), Dust (1), Feed Pet (1), Clean Bathroom (1), Sweep & Mop (1), Water Plants (1), Clean Kitchen (1), Put Bins Out (1), Iron (1), Walk Dog (1), Vacuum (1)

Sizes: The Adult Chart is 450x295mm, while each receptive tile is 30x30mm each

Note: The receptive tiles are not magnetic. They are a special, thin material (like paper thin) that will stick only to Remindables Charts. If you prefer to hang the Chart on the wall, the tiles will still stick - amazing!! (see our videos for ways you can attach the chart to walls)! You can also layer a few tiles on top of one another -perfect for the done column. *Please be aware that due to the nature of these thin tiles, they may be difficult for those with fine motor or dexterity difficulties.*


Warning: Please be aware that this product contains small parts and therefore may be a swallowing hazard to young children under 4. Careful adult supervision is strongly recommended

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