Fun Deck Four Book

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A must have! Like the fun decks ? Then you’ll love this book. Use it with your fun decks or all on it’s own ! A fantastic resource that targets Grammar/Syntax, Reasoning/Thinking and Semantics. Activities include games, colouring, listening activities, cut and paste pages, puzzles, stories and sorting tasks. The Fun Decks/ areas targeted in this book are: Grammar/Syntax Adjectives • Adverbs • Changing Nouns to Adjectives • Changing Statements to Questions • Conjunctions • My, Mine, Me • Using “I and Me” • Understanding Double Negatives • Using His, Her, and Their • Using Proper and Common Nouns • Do and Does Reasoning/Thinking Auditory Memory for Rhyming Words in Sentences • Basic Concepts in Motion • Mini-Mysteries • Conditional Following Directions • Following Directions • Serial Recall Semantics Fact or Opinion • Listening for Absurdities • Metaphors and Similes • Changing Statements to Questions • What Makes Sense?

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