60 Objects Foam Magnets

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  • 60 Objects Foam Magnets
  • 60 Objects Foam Magnets

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60 Objects Foam Magnets

Attract the attention of any child! Teach vocabulary, initial letter sounds, and encourage language development using these magnets on your refrigerator or any magnetic surface.

There are at least two picture magnets for each letter of the alphabet.

Each 2" magnet (on ¼" thick foam) displays a colorful illustration of everyday objects and familiar animals.

Magnets are sturdy and a good size for small hands.

Wipe clean with a damp cloth or sanitizing tissue. 60 magnets.

Colorfully illustrated pictures on the magnets present an apple, acorn, ball, bee, block, clock, cat, cow, drum, doll, dog, elephant, eagle, flower, fish, feather, goat, gift, grapes, house, hat, hen, igloo, ice cream cone, jump rope, jack-in-the-box, kite, key, leaf, lion, monkey, magnet, nest, nail, orange, owl, pizza, pig, queen, quilt, rabbit, rainbow, star, seal, tree, tiger, train, umbrella, unicorn, violin, volcano, watch, wagon, whale, xylophone, x-ray, yarn, yo-yo, zipper, zebra.

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