ALERT Program: KIT (includes Keeping on Track Game)

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  • ALERT Program: KIT (includes Keeping on Track Game)
  • ALERT Program: KIT (includes Keeping on Track Game)
  • ALERT Program: KIT (includes Keeping on Track Game)
  • ALERT Program: KIT (includes Keeping on Track Game)
  • ALERT Program: KIT (includes Keeping on Track Game)
  • ALERT Program: KIT (includes Keeping on Track Game)
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The Alert Program® offers an easy, systematic approach to help you to be a “detective,” learning how to observe self-regulation and how to choose sensory supports (sensory strategies) for an individual’s highest functioning.

  • If you are a parent, through the Alert Program® you’ll learn how you can help your child be alert and focused at home and support their learning at school.
  • If you are a teacher or paraprofessional, you’ll learn how to use the program with your class to get your students to an optimal state for learning.
  • If you are a therapist (OT, PT, SLP, social worker, counselor, psychologist, or other practitioner), you’ll learn ways to work with individuals and small or large groups in therapy sessions.
  • If you are a community provider or mental health worker, you’ll learn options to support those (adults or children) with developmental delays or mental health issues.


A kit that includes the 4 main pieces of the Alert Program. A fantastic resource for schools, clinics and hospitals.

1 copy of each of following:


How Does Your Engine Run? – A Leaders Guide To The Alert Program For Self-Regulation  - The Leader’s Guide provides the foundation for beginning to learn how to implement the Alert Program®: it explains the theory, along with step-by-step instructions and easy-to-implement activities.It was written to teach children how to identify and change how alert they feel, initially using the analogy of an engine. If a child is non-verbal or has special interests (such as a love of dinosaurs), instead of using the engine analogy, the program can be customized and easily adapted.With its three stages and 12 Mile Marker steps, this evidence-based practice approach is ideal for those who have attention problems, autism, developmental delays, and/or other learning challenges.The Alert Program® consists of a series of lessons and activities, that have proven to be highly effective. The program has been adapted successfully for preschool through high school students and for adults.


Take 5! Staying Alert At Home And School - Take Five! is chock-full of fun activities designed to support self-regulation in homes and schools. This book provides simple, low-budget activities that support children to be alert and focused. This book does not teach children about their engine levels, but it is organized around the five ways to change how alert we feel, covered in the Alert Program®. The chapters are titled the same as the five ways to change how alert one feels (Mouth, Move, Touch, Look, and Listen Categories).


Test Drive (with digital songs) - The Test Drive book, with its appealing digital songs to support children’s self-regulation, is full of practical ideas and suggestions. Whether or not one is familiar with the Alert Program®, Test Drive is the simplest way to introduce the program’s concepts to children in schools, homes, or therapy settings. Listen to a Test Drive song just once and everyone will be humming and tapping their toes to the catchy words and rhymes, perhaps not even knowing they are learning about self-regulation!

All will enjoy the ease with which children learn and remember the Alert Program® concepts through these playful, yet educational song lyrics such as: “I do my best work and it’s a great place to be. When my engine’s just right, nothing’s stopping me!”


Keeping on Track game - This is not your ordinary board game! All players are drivers with engines, traveling around a course, set to check in regularly on their internal engine speeds. Are they speeding or idling? What can they do to run “just right?” You, the adult, are the Track Official, directing the action and discussion. All of this supports the players’ cognitive, social, sensory, self-regulation development. Keeping on Track Board Game can be enjoyed at home and school, in both General and Special Education classrooms, and in therapy settings.

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