ALERT Program: KIT (includes Keeping on Track Game)

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  • ALERT Program: KIT (includes Keeping on Track Game)
  • ALERT Program: KIT (includes Keeping on Track Game)
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The Alert Program® offers an easy, systematic approach to help you to be a “detective,” learning how to observe self-regulation and how to choose sensory supports (sensory strategies) for an individual’s highest functioning.

  • If you are a parent, through the Alert Program® you’ll learn how you can help your child be alert and focused at home and support their learning at school.
  • If you are a teacher or paraprofessional, you’ll learn how to use the program with your class to get your students to an optimal state for learning.
  • If you are a therapist (OT, PT, SLP, social worker, counselor, psychologist, or other practitioner), you’ll learn ways to work with individuals and small or large groups in therapy sessions.
  • If you are a community provider or mental health worker, you’ll learn options to support those (adults or children) with developmental delays or mental health issues.

A kit that includes the 5 main pieces of the Alert Program. A fantastic resource for schools, clinics and hospitals.

1 copy of each of following:

  • How Does Your Engine Run? – A Leaders Guide To The Alert Program For Self-Regulation
  • Take 5! Staying Alert At Home And School
  • Test Drive
  • CD Songs For Self Regulation
  • Keeping on Track game
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