Fontal Lisp Lateral Lisp - Articulation and Oral-Motor Procedures for Diagnosis & Treatment

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Frontal Lisp, Lateral Lisp is a dynamic discussion of the lisps. This book is the first to combine methods from traditional articulation and oral-motor therapy for both diagnostic and treatment procedures. It is practical, comprehensive, and insightful. This material is based on Pam Mashalla's thirty years of direct therapy experience with frontal and lateral lisps within a wide variety of clients. Speech-language professionals and students alike will find this book to have a fresh perspective and a wealth of information. 228 pages. Softcover.
Frontal Lisp, Lateral Lisp describes how to:
  • Treat even the most difficult lisps.
  • Gain a full perspective of normal sibilant production.
  • Diagnose direction of airflow.
  • Shorten therapy time with effective techniques.
  • Combine articulation and oral-motor therapy.
  • Motivate clients and commit them to therapy.
  • Create an environment for effective carryover.
  • Develop effective entrance and exit criteria.
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