I Went To The Supermarket Thumball

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Multicolored 32 panel Thumball (15cm). Age: 5 – adult.

This Thumball is a fun way to play the classic memory game “I Went to the _____.”

Toss it up, catch it. The item under your right thumb is the item you “bought.” After each new toss, the list of items grows and you have to remember them in the order they were “bought”!

The first player tosses it up, catches it and whatever is under their right thumb is the item they “bought”… let’s say it’s “MILK.” That player says “I went to the supermarket and bought milk.” The Thumball is given to the second player who tosses it up and they discover they “bought” GRAPES.
That player says “I went to the supermarket and bought milk and grapes.” And so on.

The list grows and your memory is challenged! This Thumball builds memory skills by encouraging use of retention techniques like mental association, conceptual visualization and imagination.

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