Resources, Games & Toys for Language Development

At Fun Stuff, we know that the key to a child’s educational and social wellbeing is being able to communicate and understand how language works. Our range of language development resources, games and toys are designed to help parents, teachers and therapists assist children of all levels of ability to use and understand language, while having fun at the same time!

From Basic Language Concepts Through to Social Skills & Pragmatics

Our extensive selection of games, toys and resources covers the full scope of language development, from Basic Concepts to Grammar & Syntax, on to Reasoning & Expression, Inferencing and Social Skills & Pragmatics. Each section features a great range of books and games to choose from, so you’ll always find a fun and challenging activity best suited to your child’s needs.

A perfect game for the pre-schooler or early primary school-aged child, Things That Go Together helps children learn to recognise words and their associated objects in a fun and interactive environment. Each large glossy card also contains fun facts about that object on the other side, serving as a way to start conversations and build social, vocabulary and language skills.

For older or more advanced children, our Story Starter Writing Cards are a great way to trigger the imagination and inspire children to start putting their language skills down on paper. The deck includes 72 non-fiction and fiction cards, each with a stimulating photo on one side and ideas for beginning a story and a variety of interest words on the other.

Phonological Awareness & Literacy

An essential element in developing a child’s literacy, phonological awareness is the ability to hear, comprehend and use the units of sound that make up a sentence. Board games like the Phonological Awareness Fun Park provide the perfect tool for developing children’s understanding of phonology in an environment where they are both having fun and gaining literacy skills.

For more entertaining games and toys that focus on phonological awareness, literacy and language development, view the entire range here.

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    Oral Language Extender Pack

    This Oral Language Extender Pack includes: •Grammar Gumball • Jeepers Peepers• What is the Main Idea?• The Question Challenge Card Game• The Question Challenge Card Game Fun Sheets• Irregular Verbs Fun Deck• Irregular...
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