Sentence Fill-in Fun Deck

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  • Sentence Fill-in Fun Deck


Sentence Fill-in Fun Deck encourages students to learn parts of speech and sentence structure, and to improve their reasoning skills by completing 224 different sentences. Students look at 56 hilarious illustrations and finish four sentences that describe the picture scenes with a noun, verb, adjective, or adverb.
Each of the cards teaches one part of speech.
There are:
  • 18 noun cards
  • 10 adjective cards
  • 18 verb cards
  • 10 adverb cards.
The cards with solid borders have four sentences that are missing the same part of speech. Students complete each of the sentences using one of the four words listed under the picture.
The cards with checkered borders use the same picture scene and sentences, except there are three different answer choices given for each of the four sentences. Only one of the three choices completes the sentence correctly.
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