Auditory Processing and Auditory Memory Complete Therapy Pack

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The Auditory Processing and Auditory Memory Complete Therapy Pack is the ultimate package for Speech Therapists and Educators. The pack incorporates a range of resources targeting auditory processing and auditory memory for children who present with these difficulties. With games, books and fun decks, therapy and intervention is fun packed and engaging.

This pack comprises of:

  • Auditory Memory High Interest Quick Stories (AMLQ220)
  • Auditory Memory for Quick StoriesAMLQ110)
  • 122 Fold and Say Auditory & Story Comprehension (BK323)
  • Say and Do Auditory Lessons (BK313)
  • Say and Glue for Language & Listening Fun Sheets (BK307)
  • Look Who's Listening (GB512)
  • Auditory Processing Chipper Chat (CC44)
  • Auditory Adventures Lessons & Activities (GB654)
  • Magnetalk Match-Up Fantasy Kit (GB185)
  • Auditory Memory for Riddles (FD81)
  • Auditory Rhyme Time (FD94)
  • Auditory Memory for Science Stories (FD113)
  • Auditory Memory for 'Wh' Questions (FD122)
  • Auditory Memory Social Studies Stories (FD109)
  • Auditory Closure (FDA01)
  • Auditory Memory for Rhyming Words in Sentences (FD69)
  • Photo Auditory Memory for Short Stories (FD253)
  • Auditory Memory for Details in Sentences (FD121)
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