How Do You Teach Grammar to Your Kids in a Fun Way?

How Do You Teach Grammar to Your Kids in a Fun Way?

Sometimes it can be a challenge to teach grammar to kids in a way that's fun and engaging enough to keep them interested. And yet, good grammar is key to being able to communicate properly, articulate what you're trying to say and express yourself in general. Here are some pointers on how to make grammar fun.

Introduce grammar concepts in a fun way

One way to do this is by reading fun books that incorporate a lot of grammar concepts. There are also a tonne of great online resources and apps that can make learning grammar more interactive and engaging for kids.

Children's books are a fantastic way to introduce grammar concepts to your children in a fun and engaging way. Fun Stuff Educational & Therapeutic Resources also supplies more activity books that will get your child practising grammar, such as:

Use games and activities to help kids learn grammar

Another fun way to teach grammar is through games and activities. Grammar can be a dry subject, so making it into a game can really liven things up. There are lots of great board games that focus on teaching grammar in a fun way, many of which are available on our website:

The Webber Pronouns Playing Cards with Secret Decoder teaches players how to use the right personal pronoun at the right time, such as he/they, I/me, his/its, and I/you/she, for example. Each card provides a fill-in-the-blank sentence and multiple-choice answers, and players can use the secret decoder to check their answers.

Our hugely popular Say and Do® Grammar Game Boards offer an immensely fun but challenging way to teach your children grammar through 12 themed game boards, six game pawns, die, instruction booklet, and handy tote bag. The different game boards target:

  • Regular plurals (Groovy Groceries)
  • Irregular plurals (Irregular Island)
  • Noun derivation (Job Fair)
  • Adjective derivation (Sunny Day Fun)
  • Present tense, third person (Fun on the Farm)
  • Noun-verb agreement (Is-Are Playground)
  • Regular past tense verbs (Circus Tents)
  • Irregular past tense (Construction Junction)
  • Noun-verb agreement with "has-have" (Sports Talk)
  • Possessive nouns (Bring Your Pet to School)
  • Passive tense (Under the Stars)
  • Comparatives and superlatives (City Scene)

How to make language fun for kids

One way to make learning grammar fun for kids is by incorporating it into other activities that they enjoy. For example, if your child likes to play pretend, you can create a skit or short play with them and focus on proper grammar usage.

You can also turn regular everyday activities into opportunities to teach grammar concepts, such as having a conversation about the weather and using proper verb tenses.

Reward your child for their efforts when it comes to learning grammar

Children love to be rewarded for their efforts, so why not do the same when it comes to learning grammar? You can give them a sticker or small prize for every correct grammar rule they use – this will help to encourage them and make learning grammar more fun.

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18th Aug 2022

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