Communicate Junior

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Suitable for K – Grade 4 • 

You're invited to a Pizza Party! There is only one catch!
You must practice your social skills as you prepare for the party!
Teach essential social skills while enriching communication and language with this beautifully redesigned Communicate™ Junior game. Players earn tokens by answering lower to higher level questions about 12 important social skills. All players receive an invitation to a party, respond to questions about everyday social situations, and earn "party food" as they get ready for the party. Everyone is a winner as they work together!
Communicate Junior focuses on these skills.
  • Listening
  • Voice (tone and volume)
  • Conversations (starting, maintaining, ending)
  • Following rules
    • Sharing and taking turns
    • Eye contact
    • Hygiene
    • Body language
    • Facial expressions
    • Ignoring
    • Time and place
    • Manners
Communicate Junior:
  • 18" x 18" Game Board
  • 4 Pawns
  • Party This Way (PTW) Barrier (plastic stand and cardboard insert)
  • 4 Party Invitations (5½" x 8½")
  • 6 Game Characters
  • 8 Group Processing Sheets
  • Wet-Erase Marker
  • Chips
  • Social Skill Certificate (on CD-ROM)
  • Electronic Spinner
  • 24 Chance Cards
  • 240 Question Cards (20 for each of the 12 topic areas) (3⅝" x 2⅛")
  • 16 Foam Party Food Tokens
  • CD-ROM
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