Granny's Candies Card - Set 4

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Granny’s Candies Add-On Set 4- Inferences focuses on ten inference skills including:

What is the object?
What is the occupation?
Where does this take place?
What is the emotion?
What is the cause?
What is the effect?
What is the action?
What is the category?
When does this take place?
What is the character trait?
What does this mean?

*Use this add-on set with the original Granny's Candies board game. 
Each skill has a lesson page, 50 question cards (500 total questions), and follow-up activity sheets. The lesson page has a handy “check off” format, allowing the teacher to easily track student progress for each skill.
Use the Combo Lesson/Assessment page as a quick, informal pretest or post-test to determine specific inference skill weaknesses and monitor progress and mastery of selected targets. Use the Activities and Games for School & Home for fun, extra practice, or carryover.
Granny’s Candies Set 4 – Inferences includes:
  • 500 inference skill cards cards (7.6cm x 2.5cm)
  • Reproducible activity book with Lessons, Activities, Games, and Answer Key
  • Card divider box
Please note that this set does not include game board, candy tokens, and die.
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