Webber Pragmatics Playing Cards

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  • Webber Pragmatics Playing Cards


If a student hasn’t learned the rules of social language, interacting with other peers and adults is not always easy. With these four decks of Pragmatics Playing Cards, your students will master these rules and discover ways to manage challenging social situations. Each 52-card set has suits (Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, and Clubs) and ranks (Ace, Queen, Jack, etc.) just like regular playing cards. While playing fun games like Crazy Eights, Hearts, and Old Maid, students will learn how to make introductions, use proper body language, deal with anger, stay on topic, show respect, and more. Students answer the question on the card and then use the Secret Decoder to check their answers! Follow-up questions invite open-ended discussions about the situation. Every deck has: Basic Skills                                     Classroom Skills Peer Interaction Skills                Adult Interaction Skills

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