Simple & Fun Card Games for Kids & Families

Simple & Fun Card Games for Kids & Families

Card games are a common activity for both adults and kids to indulge in; either to pass time, learn new skills or as an accessory to socialising.

There is plenty of research to support the argument that playing card games with kids has a variety of educational emotional advantages for them – and provides an alternative to video games and other screen time.

Here are a few reasons why it’s a great idea to add some card games for kids to your collection of boardgames and activity books at home:

  • Improving essential skills such as problem-solving, decision-making, impulse control, communication, learning how to adhere to rules and follow directions
  • Developing motor skills that are transferrable into your child’s physical movements and everyday life
  • Enhancing cognitive skills like memory, pattern recognition, and differentiating between shapes, colours, numbers, letters etc.
  • Learning important concepts in a fun and engaging environment
  • Developing emotional intelligence in areas like empathy, sharing, boredom and appropriate management of frustration with feelings cards for kids
  • Teaching kids how to be patient, accept losses and learn how to play fairly
  • Developing strategic thinking through observation, categorisation, contextualisation and association

Card games and fun learning language cards for kids can also be a much more productive alternative to “time out” when they misbehave. Simple card games for kids can do wonders for alleviating tension and resolving conflicts. They’re also fantastic for easing anxiety and “unwinding” at the end of the day, as opposed to watching television or playing on the computer. Kids’ card games can help to bring the whole family together in these moments.

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10th May 2022

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