Go For The Dough Board Game

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  • Go For The Dough Board Game
  • Go For The Dough Board Game
  • Go For The Dough Board Game
  • Go For The Dough Board Game


Go for the Dough® Board Game

Deliver pizzas, make big bucks, and increase vocabulary! Your students will love this fast-paced, vocabulary enriching and word meaning (semantics) board game.


Go for the Dough! will help your children improve their word recall, describing, semantic flexibility, and phonemic awareness skills.

Players start at the Pizza Palace. As students drive their cars around the board to deliver their imaginary pizzas, they choose Super Dough Dollars.

Each of the 480 Super Dough Dollars reviews a language skill that is crucial in expanding word knowledge.

Best of all, the Dollars feel like real money—and won't tear or rip!

Go for the Dough targets:

  • 80 synonyms
  • 80 rhyming words
  • 80 opposites
  • 80 categories
  • 80 multiple meaning
  • 80 definitions

Choose one category for play before the game begins, or mix and match several categories!

Students provide a word or definition based on the language objective, and place the dollars in the center of the board.

Each time a player reaches Grandma's house to deliver a pizza, he/she gets paid with all the dollars on the board!

Go for the Dough

  • Colorful, sturdy game board (16" x 16")
  • 480 Super Dough Dollars (4¼" x 2⅛")
  • 6 car pawns
  • Die
  • Booklet containing suggested answers.

Any way you slice it, there's no "topping" Go for the Dough!


WARNING! Super Dough Dollars are made of tear-proof material, but will melt if laminated.

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