Webber Inferencing Bingo

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  • Webber Inferencing Bingo
  • Webber Inferencing Bingo


Webber® Inferencing™ Bingo

Players combine their knowledge and experience with the clues given in the prompts to draw conclusions and develop answers in this race to be the first one to get five in a row–Bingo!

This photo-packed set gives you numerous ways to help students master the skill of making inferences!

Includes ten inferencing categories: 

What Happened? (Cause and Effect),

 What Are They Doing? (Actions), 

What Goes Together? (Associations), 

What Is It? (Part to Whole), 

Who Is It? (Occupations/People), 

Where Are They? (Locations/Settings), 

What’s Being Said? (Social Inferencing),

What Belongs? (Categories), 

What Am I? (Riddles), and Finish It! (Complete the Rhyme).

Webber Inferencing Bingo:

  • 25 double-sided, color-coded 8½” x 11” Bingo Game Boards (50 playing surfaces)
  • 240 Inferencing Calling Cards (2⅛" x 3⅝")
  • Bingo Chips (assorted colors) in a handy Storage Tub
  • Instructions
  • 1-6 players
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