Weekly Reminder Chart (60 Tiles+Chart) - Magnetic

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Weekly Reminder Chart (60 Tiles+Chart)


Need a visual daily schedule for children? This is it! This chart will help your child remember what they need to pack each day and what activities are coming up in their week.

Perfect for the family that LOVE to know what’s going on and exactly what they’ll need … removing unnecessary stress and chaos in an already busy world!

Can be used alongside Remindables’ tags, to further consolidate the learning of skills.


Features 60 Magnetic tiles

Things I need: Bottle, Hat, Lunch Box, Jumper, Homework, Reader, Snack, Jacket, Clothes, Raincoat, Show and Tell, Lunch Order, Money, Device, Medication, Watch

Things I have on: Music, Spelling, Excursion, Assembly, L.O.T.E, Art, Sport, Library, Performing Arts, School (5)

People I see & Places I need to be: Man, Woman, (image of 2 people), Catch Up, Outside School Care, Dentist, Haircut, Doctor, Appointment, Movie, Family Time, Training, Outdoor Play, Sleep Over, Swimming

Others: Drive Thru Pick Up, Blank, Birthday, Star, Day Off, Favourite Toy, Free Time, Holiday, Screen Free Time, Screen Time, Games, Bike, Sunscreen, Exercise (no words), Quiet Time.

Sizes: Weekly Reminder Chart is 360x320mm, while each magnetic tile is 30x35mm each.

VERY IMPORTANT: Both the chart and tiles are magnetic so will adhere to standard fridge.

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