Photo Cues Flip Book & DVD

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  • Photo Cues Flip Book & DVD
  • Photo Cues Flip Book & DVD
  • Photo Cues Flip Book & DVD
  • Photo Cues Flip Book & DVD
  • Photo Cues Flip Book & DVD


Photo Cues Flip-Book & DVD gives children the visual and auditory models they need to learn correct place, manner, and voicing for speech sound production. Each photo includes picture symbol reinforcers for young children and early readers.

Photo Cues Flip-Book
  • Five sound sections, tabbed and color-coded by place of production.
  • Begins with sounds made at the front of the mouth and progresses to
    sounds made toward the back of the mouth (Bilabial, Dental, Alveolar,
    Palatal, and Velar.
  • Includes sounds for: P, B, M, W, F, V, TH (voiced and voiceless), T, D, N, S, Z, L, SH, ZH ("treasure"), CH, J, R, Y, K, and G.
  • Provides a clinician's view: shows photo and name of sound, eliciting tips and techniques
    to help guide through sound production.
  • Presents a student's view: shows photo and picture symbol.
  • Uses Visual symbols to provide cues for students to "see" the manner and
    voicing aspects of the sound production.
  • Includes a Bonus Photo Cues DVD for students presenting sound productions in isolation and in the initial and final positions of words.

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