School Kids Bag Tag Set (10 TAGS)

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This is the ideal essential set for young school goers, reminding them what they need to pack for school and what they need to bring back home.

Each pack includes 1 x leather strap and the following 10 tags: Bottle, Homework, Jumper, Sport, Hat, Lunch Box, Library, Reader, Show and Tell, Emergency Contact

We are proud that our tags are made from 100% recycled material (from post-industrial waste) and are 100% recyclable.  They are durable and weather resistant and are 100% designed and created in Melbourne, Australia. 

SPECS: Each tag is 35mm high x 43mm wide x 0.6mm thick.

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The science behind the tags.

  • Different colours help make each tag instantly recognisable and assists with memory recall. The use of colour helps us to remember information by increasing our level of attention. Colour has the potential to increase our chances of storing, encoding and retrieving information successfully.

  • We include visuals which are easy to identify and interpret. Visuals help us to better retrieve and remember information.

  • Our tags go with you, constantly reminding you of what you need to remember. It is not a list which stays on the fridge, not to be seen once you leave the house. Remindables helps develop independent thinking, decrease potential anxiety and build confidence.

We use colour, words and visuals to help aid recall – different ways to suit different brains.

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