Successfully Teaching and Managing Children with ADHD - 2nd ed.

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Written by one of the UK's leading experts in ADHD, O'Regan's Successfully Teaching and Managing Children with ADHD is an invaluable resource offering practical and effective strategies for managing the difficult and often disruptive symptoms of ADHD in the classroom setting. Alongside the accessible and user-friendly resources that have made the first edition so valued, this second edition offers:


    • A greater number of case studies addressing the key issues surrounding ADHD in education



    • Up-to-date information and advice regarding medication and behavioural strategies



    • Specific advice on recognising and managing ADHD in girls and adults


Chapters in this book explore topics such as recognising and managing ADHD behaviour; working with parents of children with ADHD; whole school approaches to ADHD; and professional development for teachers and assistants. With accompanying assessment and management resources including the CAST (Child ADHD Screening Tool), this is an essential tool for teachers, SENCOs, behavioural management staff and senior leaders.

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